Taking Your Supplements

good protein optionSo how can you make a protein shake the right way?The best supplement shakes can help you achieve dietary success, but shouldn’t take over what you were going to eat for meals. There is no replacing your dietary staples such as meat, veggies, and some healthy carbs.

If you do decide to have a shake, its best to imagine it as a food item and not a drink. You should add ingredients to make it more substantial, that way it will fill you up and you won’t be left hungry and ready to eat unhealthy items. So what do you add to make it a robust meal?

You can add carbs – regardless when you eat it, maybe for breakfast or pre workout, you should through some carbs in your shake. Use a blender to include some wheats, a few healthy fruits like a banana and this will add more substance to your drink.

Also, you may want to add some fats or additional protein such as peanut butter (not the fake stuff with tons of sugar). The real stuff , just peanuts and salt. Fat helps you stay fuller because it takes longer to breakdown the foods, this will keep you away from eating other stuff. Maybe add some fiber if you want to help complete the shake.


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