Difference in Vegan Proteins

Hemp Proteins

This could be the healthiest vegain protein in the game. It has a robust “amino acid” build and give you daily doses of many fatty acids. It’s great for using with baking and including with other dietary products.

A Soy Protein

There is much rumor about soy protein and what it can do for women and men, in both a good and bad way. There is a lot of health benefits, and like anything, just don’t digest too much of one thing. That being said, this protein is a complete protein and is very easy to digets. It’s popular and comes in both forms of isolate and concentrated, so make good use of it.

Protein powder out of brown rice

Many new companies started using brown rice to make powders. In the past, traditional white rice was used to make the powder and now that has changed. It’s pretty cool to see these new carbs being used for protein powders.


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